Susan M. Schultz
b. 1958
Susan M. Schultz is an American poet, critic, publisher and English professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She specializes in modern and contemporary poetry, American literature, and creative writing.

I Want To Write An Honest Sentance

72 p.

"The latest in Susan M. Schultz's ongoing, cumulative epic is as gorgeous, far out, and effective as anything she's written. Our great poet of grief, Schultz is the calm at the center of storms of sorrow, confusion, loss, politics. Her sentences are so good they can make you cry. The whole book has her distinctive smartness, precision, and just plain beautiful writing." - Elinor Nauen


Memory Cards: Thomas Traherne Series

100 p.

“Schultz makes poems that plumb the mundane with patience and honesty. In that way, this is difficult work, but also work that continuously opens recognitions for the reader. What emerges is all that poetry can be when attention and intelligence combine toward an ethics of empathy.” - Elizabeth Robinson


Memory Cards

16 p.

(Please note, this volume is published via the imprint Jensen / Daniels, Publishers)

︎ $4.00

e. 1987

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