Simon Pettet
b. 1953
Simon Pettet is an English-born poet and long-time resident of New York’s Lower East Side.

As a Bee

42 p.

“A former English waif, but for decades a pillar of the St Mark’s Poetry Project, the core of all that is New York about the New York School, Simon Pettet offers another collection of tough, fragile musings.” - John Ashbery

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178 p.

“The complete works – so far – of contemporary American and British poetry’s most meticulous craftsperson. We dig the purity, dogged love, and artistic devotion of this rare personage. A highly recommended volume.” - Alice Notley


More Winnowed Fragments

42 p.

“Reading Simon Pettet’s poems is like entering a cottage in the woods that expands into a chateau of the lost domain as soon as you cross the threshold: then the music starts up, for surprise and recognition to perform intricate minuets with the reader’s cognitive receipts. Magical, revivifying, masterful – how many adjectives can dance on the top of a pin? Enter, brothers and sisters,entrez!” - Anselm Hollo


Selected Poems

110 pg.

“Like Beethoven’s Bagatelles, Simon Pettet’s short poems have a great deal to say, and their seemingly modest dimensions help rather than hinder his saying it. An unorthodox lucidity reminiscent of James Schuyler, a certain English dappleness and an oriental concision blend in poetry, whose sweet, complex fragrance is Pettet’s secret.” - John Ashbery


e. 1987

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