Serge Gavronsky
b. 1932
An American poet and translator. He recieved his PhD in European History from Columbia University. Gavronsky has published around 30 books in French and English, from poetry to artists books, to fiction and literary cricism. He currently resides in Paris, France. 


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"Serge Gavronsky sets out to test Zukofsky's dictum that 'a case can be made for the poet giving some of his life to the use of the words the and a; both of which are weighted with as much epos and historical destiny as a man can perhaps resolve' - although in this case Gavronsky torques his dense, intense post-Objectivist braid around two conjunctions and the definite article. Andorthe writes poems within a poem and against and through "A" and the Cantos, the Holocaust and the Upper West Side, academese and Brooklyn schtick, post-structuralism and rides on the 1/9. Epos and historical destiny - und so weiter - indeed!" - Michael Golston

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66 For Starters

34 p.

"In these delightful and energetic lyrics, Serge Gavronsky shows himself to be the master of the everyday in all its pleasures and horrors. These poems are sardonic, witty - sometimes even nasty - in their perceptions of life in the modern city. Best of all, the poet doesn't spare himself: he is clear-eyed and disillusioned - an expert at dissecting in spare verse forms both the memories of a troubled past and a "fondness for particularities.” - Marjorie Perloff

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e. 1987

Distinguished Books in Poetry,
Fiction, Theory, and Criticism