Nedim Gürsel
b. 1951
Nedim Gürsel was born in Gaziantep, Turkey. He was first published in the late 1960’s. After the coup d'état in Turkey (1971), he was made to testify in court for one of his articles, which led him to temporarily reside in France. There, he studied Comparative Literature at the Sorbonne. After completing his dissertation in 1979 he returned to Turkey, but the military putsch of 1980 sent him back into exile in France. He first wrote articles and travel reports which were published in Le Monde, as well as in the Turkish newspapers Cumhuriyet and Milliyet. Today he teaches contemporary Turkish literature at the Sorbonne and directs the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. He has recieved a vast array of prizes for his work, both in France and Turkey.

The Conqueror

222 p.

Translated from the Turkish by Yavuz Demir and John Ottenhoff

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e. 1987

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