Murat Nemet-Nejat
Murat Nemet-Nejat is the author of Turkish Voices and Io's Song. He is also the writer of the essay, The Peripheral Space of Photography, and the editor of Eda: An Anthology of Contemporary Turkish Poetry.


Animals of Dawn

86 p.

"A radiant matrix of intertextuality, Animals of Dawn, in holding a vast array of precedent texts—as disparate as Hamlet, Un Coup de Dés, and Basho's famous frog haiku—in constellated suspension, creates an aubade-as-web-of-wonders in which we animals wake from our sleep to the marvels of language as the impossibly strong, invisibly powerful net that sustains us all—texts, sentient beings, texts as sentient beings and vice versa—in electric, vibrating relation." - Maria Damon

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The Spiritual Life of Replicants

96 p.

"In The Spiritual Life of Replicants, Nemet-Nejat has found a way to filter the 'peripheral relationship of consciousness to wider natural forces' through a playful, deftly imaginative and nonetheless searing and immediate extended meditation on the binding necessity of disappearance that sounds, images, and physical forms must contend with. The book's elaborate form makes room for transformative interplay between lyric, prose, page-as-visual-field, collaboration, translation, and something like speculative sensory observation, which honors the insights on perception made by directors such as Bresson and Brakhage while clearing a vast and vital space for poetry." - Anselm Berrigan

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EDA: An Anthology of Contemporary Turkish Poetry

367 p.

The only U.S. anthology to date to track the development of one of the great poetic traditions of our time. Nemet-Nejat offers an introduction to modern and contemporary Turkish poetry, until now largely unknown in the West. Edited by Murat Nemet-Nejat.

︎ $27.95

e. 1987

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