Mark Jacobs
b. 1951

Born in Niagara Falls, Mark Jacobs spent fifteen years living and working in countries outside the United States. He was a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay, where he spent two years in Potrero Yapepó, a remote village in the south of the country. As a Foreign Service officer, he served in Europe, Turkey, and Latin America. He currently lives in rural Virginia, on 32 acres of what used to be a farm, where he writes full time. Jacobs holds a doctorate from Drew University, a masters from the School for International Training, and a bachelors degree from Alma College. He speaks Spanish, Turkish, and Guaraní. 

Forty Wolves

255 p.

In search of his birth mother, an American finds himself in an isolated Aegean village where he is suddenly and violently enmeshed in a web of lies and deceptions he can neither understand nor control. Riots, kidnapping, and murder link the fates of Americans and Turks in a storm of menacing religious extremism.

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A Cast of Spaniards

204 p.

Jacobs speaks with the voice of intimate experience in this book of stories set in Central and South America. In lush descriptive passages, he makes a foreign land intimate and accessible. He has created an equally compelling cast of characters, Americans, Latin Americans, revolutionaries, romantics, criminals, and average people, that illustrate the violence and passion in both the people and the landscape. In powerful language Jacobs twists the reader's point-of-view, forcing one to see the land through its people but also to understand how attachment to the land can be influential. It's rare that a collection of short stories is so consistent, but Jacobs' exquisite craftsmanship never wavers.

︎ $12.95

e. 1987

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