Joseph Donahue
b. 1954
Joseph Donahue is an American poet, critic and editor. He was born in Texas and grew up in Massachusetts. He currently lives in North Carolina, where he works as a professor at Duke University. 

Dissolves (Terra Lucida IV-VIII)

160 p.

"Picasso said that whenever he painted there might not be an object, but there was the fragrance of an object. In Dissolves, Joseph Donahue combines something like an object with something like a fragrance. His cubism, unglazed and personal, produces magical other dimensions." - David Shapiro

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Terra Lucida

144 p.

“Terra Lucida, Joseph Donahue's ongoing magnum opus, is an astonishing work in which psychopompic dispatch and apocalyptic portent, by turns audacious and distraught, mix worldly exactitude with vatic unrest. Striking in its range and compression, its culling of contemporary grist and archaic light, its reportorial tone's melodic reach, it allies an unforced, unforeclosed spirituality with sifting intelligence of the severest kind. Long awaited, volume one is a beautiful, bracing, desert island book.” - Nathaniel Mackey

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Wind Maps I-VII

200 p.

"Wind Maps I-VII as a whole has an almost Cantos-like sweep, sampling voices from far and wide, not random but gathered. The unity of the book inheres in the tone of something impending—a mystical apocalypse? All of the words have been blown to their present locations by the force of this Impending/Upending. The book fairly rings with these cumulating/culminating signals—like the ear of a radio telescope receiving messages, just reaching us now, from a long-ago exploded planet." - Andrew Joron

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Incendental Eclipse

46 p. 

Hints and symbols die out. / All's actual now. 

“These lines seem to contain the germ of Joseph Donahue's massive, mesmerising new book, Incendental Eclipse. Something is going under, something is coming to the surface; each is documented by two voices, one speaking in italics. This sequence confirms Donahue as one of the major American poets of our time." - John Ashbery

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e. 1987

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