Enis Batur
b. 1952

Enis Batur has been widely celebrated in his homeland and in Europe. The distinguished critic and anthologist Mehmet Fuat placed him among the strongest poets of his generation. Among poets, Melih Cevdet Anday wrote that he "found a certain prophetic quality, a saintliness in Batur's poetry," and Gulten Akin pointed to "wisdom in Enis Batur's poetry, wisdom backed by stories of a lifetime." Cemal Sureya praised him as "unlike anyone else," and Ahmet Oktay wrote that his "poetry is like those strange tropical plants that fold up at night, waiting for a possible prey."

Ash Divan: Selected Poems of Enis Batur

160 p.

Translated from the Turkish by Saliha Parker. The first book in English translation of works by this world famous Turkish essayist and poet.

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e. 1987

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